Miss Rose Professional Makeup Lipstick Lipliner 2 In 1 - Wine

Miss Rose Professional Makeup Lipstick Lipliner 2 In 1

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Miss Rose professional make-up High Pigment lipstick 2in1 lipliner (lipstick lipliner 2in1)
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 Type:  lipsticks

• Excellent pigment smooth application perfect finish long lasting• Give yourself a makeover with this lipstick• The 2 In1 lipstick with lip liner professional make up skin friendly elements used• 2 In 1 multifunctional lipstick lip linerdouble-end, combined lipstick and lip liner, help you easily complete the perfect lip shapeMiss Rose lip stick n lip liner 2 in 1a handy double sided lip liner and lipstick with very pigment, very smooth and a great to keep in handbag to touch up makeup on the go! Pigment waterproof matte metallic lipstick liquid makeup decorate your lips as you like use for party, professional or home safe and clean material perfect for party, casual life, wedding makeup, etc.Perfect for both professional salon or home use. dual-use lipstick, lip liner occasion: party, wedding, shopping, send a friend gift you can put the makeup on your lips directly without using concealer.Waterproof long lasting lipstick, This matte drys fast and stays on all day without smudging. the highlight of this lipstick is non-stick cup, no rub off. the clear and light textured product with unique colour pigments can create pure and intense colour, so the lip colour will be covered and the lip lines will be relieved effectively.It's nourish, colour-sustaining, water-replenishing and water-retaining with the watery base formula, and it can nourish and care for the skin on lips with a long-lasting effect.It's a multi-purpose lipstick which can serve as a blusher, an eyeshadow pen and an eyeliner pen for bite-colour combination.